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Amy’s Bridal at The Bell Tower on 34th St.

Weddings are about making your dreams come true and I was fortunate enough to be able to capture those dreams.  I’m excited to show you these pics b/c I’ve been sitting on them for months as Amy didnt want Nick to see the dress until the day of.   And rightfully so, it’s jaw dropping […]

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Big Toys and Little Tots

Logan, is that a cookie in your hand?  Why yes it is.  =)  I love shooting kids.  They live in their own little world, they’re crazy unpredictable, everything they do is a new discovery and they dont follow the same rules adults do.  If that’s not the formula for a great picture, I dont know […]

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Family: Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

I knew going out that the trees would be bare, the greens would be brown and the sun at it’s harshest.  There was barely a patch of shade to hide under.  As always, I love a challenge.  The things mother nature does to her land is beautiful no matter what time of year.

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Photography at Love Field

  Many many years ago, I remember we didn’t have security, checkpoints, x-rays and TSA.  Anyone could walk in and greet their family and friends as they deplaned.  My dad asked me to video record that exact event.  Well, I woke up late, ran out the house, ignored all the speed limits and ran thru the airport with […]

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