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Agent M

M is for Mom.  Or should I say “Super M”.  She has the power to shut things down.  Not only can she hold Logan at bay, aka the beast.  She has been creating another one for the last 8 months.  We’re 5 weeks away from meeting our 2nd son.  The traps have been set, our […]

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Miss Vietnam Fashion Model 2010

I’ve recently had the pleasure of shooting Vivian Ngo, aka Miss Vietnam Fashion Model 2010.  She’s as cool as she is beautiful.  With Tet around the corner, what else would she wear to this shoot except the most stunning Vietnamese traditional gowns I’ve ever seen?  No wonder she hold the title. The red gown is […]

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Acme Creature Capture

For those who have not met him, this is my 1st son, Logan.  He’s 2-1/2 years old as of this writing.   And if you didnt already know, he was the subject of my 365 project.  1 picture a day for 365 days.   If you want to check  it out, you can here.  After the project, […]

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Nick and Sam’s Steakhouse

For Chi’s Birthday this year I wanted to do something romantic and intimate, just for the two of us.  Impossible since it’s the New Year weekend.  With family and friends in town, you make plans on the fly.  As a last chance date, I made reservations at Nick and Sam’s Steakhouse for Sunday evening.    After […]

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Nikon Red Inspired Business Cards

What proper photographer would go around without a business card?  That would be me..until about 2 weeks ago.  I had temporary business cards, but it wasnt anything unique.   I wanted something simple, something that popped and something that looks and feels the way I do about photography.  So I introduce to you my Nikon […]

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